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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a complementary health therapy using simple muscle testing techniques. Kinesiology was developed by Dr George Goodheart in 1964 using simple muscle testing to identify strong and weak muscles. A muscle will test either strong or weak based on the nervous system control of the muscle and responds similar to a switch. Techniques including holding neurovascular points on the head, massaging  neurolymphatic points on the body and running acupuncture meridian points will be used to improve muscle strength.


Suggestions will be made to strengthen a weak muscle including nutritional support, dietary and lifestyle changes as well as setting tasking to facilitate change within the body.



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"Kinesiology identifies imbalances and is more about lifestyle change
and not quick fixes to current problems. Prevention is better than cure!"

Kinesiology treatments in Sutton, Surrey

What happens during a treatment?

You will be given a full medical questionnaire to complete and a lifestyle consultation to identify what you would like to be addressed within the treatment.


I will then identify muscle imbalances within the body and will use a variety of techniques
which include:

  • Holding neurovascular points on the head to release stress and tension
  • Massaging neurolymphatic points on the body
  • Running acupuncture meridians points on the body
  • Recommending nutritional support
  • Recommending positive lifestyle choices


A personal experience

In 2004 a client was experiencing discomfort with their digestion as well as finding it difficult to lose weight. Their energy levels were fluctuating during the day and they were experiencing lower back pain on a regular basis.


It was suggested through food sensitivity testing to cut out wheat from the diet for 3 months. During this period my client lost a stone in weight, energy levels increased and back pain disappeared.


Kinesiology identifies imbalances and is more about lifestyle change and not quick fixes to current problems.


I have many clients who have received support in the following areas:

Preparation for pregnancy, infertility for men and women, IBS, back pain, sports injuries, joint conditions, hormonal imbalances, PMT, headaches, skin conditions, toxic metal leakage in fillings and detox, weight gain , weight  loss, digestive issues , food sensitivity testing, diabetes, stress relief, emotional upset, learning difficulties including; dyslexia and dyspraxia and sleep disorders.


Initial Consultation £60

Includes a 15 minute consultation

and 45 minute session.

Further sessions £60 per hour



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"At Andrea Clarke Kinesiology Training we believe prevention is better than cure."

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