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“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the last 6 months of Foundation Kinesiology. The first time I heard your voice on the phone I could literally hear you smiling on the phone and your energy in person is just as vibrant.


Your kinesiology sessions are energetic, well - paced, exciting, and nothing is ever a problem.  Your teaching skills are absolutely fantastic and you have the patience of a saint! You've given me such confidence and drive to go on to do amazing things with the course.


I've also come to you as a patient with my son and you've done such wonderful treatments for us which we are now seeing the benefits of.


Thank you Andrea for answering my endless emails, texts and what's apps with all my crazy questions. You have dedicated so much of your time to help me and I am so grateful.” Surekha


“I recently completed the Foundation Course Level 1 to 6 with Andrea. As well as helping to change the lives of friends and family already, I have also been on a significant journey myself over the last 6 months.


Andrea is a brilliant teacher. She uses clear explanations and allows plenty of time for hands on practice which has made learning very easy. Andrea provided notes for each level, which also meant we didn’t spend the whole time scribbling away whilst she talked and we could concentrate on the techniques being described.


We learnt some powerful techniques and I have already been able to help friends and colleagues. Some examples were helping one lady overcome her fear of public transport using a tapping technique and another improving her sleep through taking Bach Flower Remedies. Andrea has enabled me to grow in confidence and know that I can lead a happy life doing a career that I enjoy and helping other people along the way.” Vikki

“I am just about to complete my foundation level in kinesiology with Andrea, and have loved every minute of it. Andrea is a great tutor and is really encouraging. She makes sure there is always time for all our questions. I can't really believe how much we have covered in the 6 months and I feel inspired to continue and have already signed up for practitioner and diploma. My friends and family are already seeing the benefits of my kinesiology training through being my case studies and I've been blown away by some of the positive changes in themselves they have noticed as a result.” Claire Dawson


“I have just completed my foundation course with Andrea Clarke.

I found the content of the course very informative I found having to have clients to practise on was a good experience in that I was alone with no one to rely on but myself so it was a good confidence booster. The theory and how it was delivered during the course was interesting and informative the notes the description of how the muscles work the connections between muscles and organs the different tests etc .

In all I found the course very enjoyable and would definitely recommend it to friends and acquaintances.” Darren Smith


“I really loved doing the course with Andrea as she is a brilliant teacher. She made sure that I understood every aspect of the training and she was also very encouraging.


I am going to incorporate my knowledge and skills from the foundation course into my clinic to offer my clients.


I helped my friend with his height anxiety.


I was also pleasantly surprised that by giving a shoulder balance to another friend I helped to relieve the shoulder pain from which she had been suffering for two weeks.” Lida



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