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“I first went to see Andrea because I had some problems with my skin. I had never tried Kinesiology before and it turned out it is an amazing technique to let your body find out what it needs! We tried different things and figured out what kind of products were good for my skin.

In addition we talked about some emotional struggles and Andrea taught me some simple techniques to work on those. She has been very positive throughout the sessions and now everything is on a really good way to get better!” Pia, April 2018

“I cannot thank you enough! For the first time in months I have been able to circulate my neck! I had the best nights sleep in months and so excited about moving forward! Would it be weird to say my whole mood has lifted? You are incredible with what you do. Thank you so much!.”

Kerry, Feb 2018

"Kinesiology has helped me feel confident in my food choices
and has changed my life completely
" Christine Robertson

“I'd been trying for a baby for 3 years.. I thought I'd tried everything when someone suggested kinesiology - I thought I may as well give it a go. After one treatment I felt different. I was prepared to book in for more treatments but didn't need to as I fell pregnant with twins! After 3 years this is a miracle! I believe kinesiology definitely helped & I have recommended it to my friend in Australia who has now also fallen pregnant after one session! Thanks Andrea!” Laura Thomas


“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for our first child for almost 8 months when I approached Andrea for support with Kinesiology. I had a treatment one month prior to conceiving my 1st baby, the treatment was extremely relaxing but more importantly it highlighted some nutritional requirements which were missing from my diet at the time.


Three years later we then tried for a further 11 months for our second child.  I had a further Kinesiology treatment and conceived one month later. This time the treatment was about releasing tension and rebalancing energy around the body.


After trying to conceive for almost 8 months the 1st time and 11 months the 2nd time I do believe there is certainly some merit in trying kinesiology.” Helen Morris



“I'd been trying for a baby for 3 years.. I thought I'd tried everything when someone suggested kinesiology - I thought I may as well give it a go. After one treatment I felt different. I was prepared to book in for more treatments but didn't need to as I fell pregnant with twins! After 3 years this is a miracle! I believe kinesiology definitely helped & I have recommended it to my friend in Australia who has now also fallen pregnant after one session! Thanks Andrea!” Laura Thomas



Having the initial consultation with Andrea for weight loss, she released a lot of limiting decisions I was holding onto in my past. I have now a better understanding of my relationship with food and am really focused on making positive lifestyle changes for the future. I feel more in control of my life.” Weight loss client



I have suffered with IBS for the last 20 year and have been in extreme pain with digestive discomfort, bloating and general poor digestive health. I thought I just had to live with it. Since having Kinesiology I have eliminated certain food sensitivities and am now pain free. Kinesiology has helped me feel confident in my food choices and has changed my life completely.” Christine Robertson


Andrea has worked with the team at Sutton United FC and injury prevention has been a big factor in our success to date with her knowledge and expertise. Andrea has helped me understand the functions of the different systems in my body. She has tested me out for hydration, given me specific dietary advice, recommended nutrients and supplements that are required to maximise my performance in sport and life in general - thank-you. Wayne Shaw – Goalkeeper and coach   Sutton United FC


“When I first had a treatment, I didn’t know what to expect, it was something different and wanted to give it a try. After a couple of sessions I felt the benefits of the supplements that tested out for me. I now have more energy and feel less tired. The food sensitivity testing was great. Avoiding certain foods that unfired my Quads and Hamstrings has really helped during training and matches.” Ross Walker – Goalkeeper  Sutton United FC


“I have been seeing Andrea through her work at Sutton United FC. Being an employee there myself as a physio, I wanted to see the benefits for myself as well as for the players. When Andrea arrived, I was going through a stressful time  and my skin was suffering. With her guidance, she put me on the right programme of supplements. Since then my skin has cleared up well and I regularly speak to Andrea on different things and she is a great help. Andrea is a great Kinesiologist. I’ve felt a lot better after seeing her for a treatment.” Cat – Sports therapist – Sutton United FC


“The treatment from Andrea has been effective. Prior to the session, I felt my muscles were sluggish and flat prior to training. After the treatment, my muscles felt fired up and my training sessions have been strong. I have also had better sleep which has been beneficial.” Shaun Cooper  - Sutton United FC


“The NLP strategy session has kept me focused on striking and panicking less under pressure. After the session I have felt more relaxed and I feel more focused when setting up for a shot when in competitive situations.”

Tommy Wright  Sutton United FC


“My consultation with Andrea was a new experience as I’ve never done anything like it before. I never understood how much supplements could make a difference to your body. At the time of seeing Andrea I was struggling with an injury and she provided me with a muscle/bone supplement and it made a difference to my recovery. All in all a very useful meeting and just learning a few things from Andrea will make a difference to my training.” Craig McAllister   Sutton United FC


“I’ve never been interested in alternative medicine such as spiritual healing, pills and potions etc. If I’m going to invest time and money into any kind of therapy or treatment, I firstly must understand the proven science behind it. Everything else is secondary to that even down to the relationship I have with the practitioner.


Kinesiology (AKA ‘human kinetics’), is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms. Applications of kinesiology to human health include: biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport psychology; methods of rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational therapy; and sport and exercise.


Therefore, this treatment is for everyone; whether a Premiership football star wants to improve their performance. Or, a middle-age overweight individual is suffering from low self-esteem.


Kinesiology is an extremely powerful treatment. The results are immediate and, more to the point, quantifiable. After just one Kinesiology treatment with Andrea, I felt more focused, positive and invigorated. Being naturally sceptical, I wondered whether this was psychological. But, over 2-3 weeks post treatment, taking the advice I was given by Andrea, I appreciated this treatment worked for me. As a result, my sense of wellbeing has improved, benefitted me in both my personal and professional life. For example, I’m not getting tired mid-morning and mid-afternoon, which used to affect my productivity at work. I’ve noticed an improvement in my training too. I’m able to sustain high-intensity gym workouts for longer and I’ve even increased the number of sessions. As such, I’ve got a lot more energy and I’m far more focused in everything I do.


Andrea and I spoke at length about the benefits of Kinesiology and the basic science behind it; I then proceeded to investigate further after fully understanding Andrea’s ethos around how she works with her clients.


What impressed me the most about Andrea was her profound knowledge, deep understanding and passion about Kinesiology.


Andrea is totally focused and committed to Kinesiology. Her drive and motivation is to help others and improving their quality of life.


With deep admiration and professional respect, I proceeded to invite Andrea to become involved with Sutton United FC as an official partner. Andrea has an exclusive Kinesiology deal in place with the club and has access to a cross-section of members including playing and corporate.


By using a range of techniques, Andrea has the ability to understand what kind of changes would best support her client’s physical, emotional and mental health.


I’ve learned that Kinesiology is not just for people who are feeling below par. It can help you perform better at work and in sport.


Therefore, Andrea is qualified to help everyone; from an individual down of their luck who may be suffering from emotional or mental health issues. To someone with a food allergy or food intolerance. To athletes; amateur and professional.


Above all, I was so impressed at how Andrea had the unique ability to use the science of Kinesiology to help me whilst managing to relax and put me at ease during our session. She took the time needed to address my issues and at no point did I feel rushed or under pressure.


I cannot recommend Andrea enough; she is amazing and a true professional.” Jeremy Ramsden – Commercial Partner – Sutton United FC

“I went to see Andrea after 9 months of trying to conceive. Her warm, friendly professionalism immediately put me at ease and I found it a very relaxing experience. We discussed potential remedies which would be helpful in improving my body’s wellbeing. Andrea quickly ascertained areas which needed physical focus and gave me a massage to improve my situation. I conceived the following week! Regardless of the outcome I will happily return to her in the future as I found her kinesiology incredibly positive and uplifting.” Ella Hayward


"I was suffering from lethargy, stomach pains, flu like symptoms, general abdominal discomfort and bloating for a long time. It felt almost debilitating at times and I had been back and forth to medical practitioners to find an answer and a cure. I had numerous investigations  and I was prescribed medication to help with reflux and stomach pain. However, the medication only masked my symptoms.


I was introduced to Andrea nearly 3 months ago and had my first kinesiology appointment with her. I can honestly say I now feel better for the first time in years.


Andrea used kinesiology to find the cause of my stomach issues and has helped me to improve my health. Through kinesiology, I found out that I was intolerant to certain foods that I was eating on a daily basis and therefore making me feel poorly. I was also prescribed different supplements to help boost and support my immune system.


I have been following an individualised diet and supplement plan since I met with Andrea and I feel so much healthier and happier. I have also lost over a stone in weight, which is an added bonus.


Andrea is amazing and such a lovely therapist. I thank her and kinesiology for making me feel happy and healthy" : )



“I just wanted to thank you for your support with kinesiology all the way through my pregnancy. Starting with my first balance exactly on the day when I conceived.... call it coincidence, but I think it definitely played it's part in me becoming pregnant so fast. And this even though 2 doctors in the past have told me, that it might be difficult for me to get pregnant at all.

The suggestions in regards to supplementation have definitely helped me lots during the 9 months, always giving me lots of energy even up to the birth and keeping me in good health (I haven't been ill at all during the pregnancy nor did I have any other real problems). And even the midwives were saying that they've rarely seen such an energetic little boy with such strength right after birth already.” Karin Hinterleitner



“For 2-3 years I was having discomfort and pain over the top of my stomach that left me feeling very tired with very low energy. I felt tired all the time but since I had the consultation with you, i’ve started to follow your advice and soon I started to feel changes happening for 5-7 weeks after the consultation. The discomfort and pain almost disappeared and I have been feeling much better and full of energy.” Elizabete Campos



“I feel that the experience with Andrea has made me aware of my health needs. In the consultation she tested my muscle strength with different herbal medicines. I was surprised by how much she could tell of my energy deficiencies by simple tests. She has studied her profession well and she will put you at ease. You are in safe hands.” Aruna Ram



“I went to see Andrea for a general look at my current health and well-being. She identified a number of areas where I needed to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle. After putting these into practise I definitely noticed a difference in how I felt and my energy levels increased considerably” Vikki Pope



“I cannot recommend enough Andrea's services. It is great!! I was tested the first time for different types of food sensitivities as well as others ailments I had. She has recommended correct vitamins and exercise  to get rid of the condition I was suffering from. There is no word to describe her service. She was absolutely brilliant” Abul Hassan



“Andrea Clarke is a warm and friendly practitioner, who makes you feel comfortable and at home from the start of your consultation. Myself and my Mum have visited Andrea on a couple of occasions now and have found her to have a caring and supportive approach to our needs, which are very different. She does not cast a critical eye over our vices, in fact she makes us feel that taking little steps to improve our lives gradually is far more beneficial in the long run.  Her advice has been informative and her suggestions of remedies have helped to improve our well- being. We will be continuing our consultations with Andrea.” Emma Archard



“I saw Andrea as I was training hard for the summer triathlon season. I was feeling tired and lethargic and was interested to find out whether there were any underlying problems or whether my nutrition needed attention.  Andrea tested me for many different things and even sorted out an Achilles tendon problem that day which I had been suffering with for the last month!  The nutrition that she identified for me took effect very quickly and as a result I was able to train harder and longer with no Achilles pain.  Everything  seemed to fall into place and I felt much better generally with greater energy reserves and resilience to training demands. Andrea made a real difference and I shall continue with regular sessions to maintain the benefits  I have received from the session.” Vicky Foad



“Having been an athlete for the last 10 years I have used Kinesiology to release pain and discomfort from injuries and support to improve repair of muscle tissue.  Regular treatments for back, neck pain, shock absorbers have really supported my mobility and has assisted me throughout my Pole Vault career. Thanks to Kinesiology I have regular nutritional support to ensure I have the energy and fuel for high intensity training.


Andrea cleared a lot of my anxiety surrounding clearing the three metre pole vault bar. She released the stress and apprehension before competitions and gave me simple strategies to assist with focusing on the task at hand.” Louisa Clarke



“Being a competitive cyclist and struggling with regular fatigue I was interested on the effects of sports performance bars and how nutrition may improve my riding abilities. Andrea was recommended by a friend and I was  profoundly impressed by the results and the way Andrea discussed and explained what is causing my lethargy. I went away with a whole new outlook to my diet and nutrition which has enriched my life.” Ben Mackenzie




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