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Our sports performance packages are perfect for all athletes looking to improve the performance through Kinesiology

Looking to improve your performance in the gym or within you own sporting profession? Are you at a point where your performance has plateaued? Are you are maintaining fitness levels and yet not improving? Are you injured and want to get back to peak fitness as soon as possible? Do you want your supplements tested out to see if they are beneficial to you? Would you like to see if you have a food sensitivity that may be draining your energy levels? Do you want to learn some strategies to focus on the task at hand and create some positive mind-set techniques?  The sports performance package is the right option for you.


The 6 session package will look at your own personal individual sports performance requirements. Sports injuries will be supported by looking at recognising the relevant muscles weakness surrounding the injury. Structural nutritional will be tested on the weak muscle to see if nutritional support is required. Food sensitivity testing will be delivered to ensure there are no energy drains on the system in particularly on  the quadriceps, hamstrings ad fascia lata muscles which are related  to the small and large intestine meridian acupuncture points. Nutritional supplements will be tested to see if they are supporting performance as well as ensuring sufficient anti-oxidants are clearing toxins from the body during high intensity aerobic training. Shock absorbers for impact running, pelvis twist and structural corrections will be supported if required. Positive mind-set techniques will be taught together with techniques for goal setting as clearing limiting decisions to ensure you are training with motivation and achieving your desired outcome.


Nutritional recommendations will require a separate charge if required.


“This treatment is for everyone; whether a Premiership football star wants to improve their performance. Or, a middle-age overweight individual is suffering from low self-esteem. Kinesiology is an extremely powerful treatment. The results are immediate and, more to the point, quantifiable. After just one Kinesiology treatment with Andrea, I felt more focused, positive and invigorated. Being naturally sceptical, I wondered whether this was psychological. But, over 2-3 weeks post treatment, taking the advice I was given by Andrea, I appreciated this treatment worked for me. As a result, my sense of wellbeing has improved, benefitted me in both my personal and professional life. For example, I’m not getting tired mid-morning and mid-afternoon, which used to affect my productivity at work. I’ve noticed an improvement in my training too. I’m able to sustain high-intensity gym workouts for longer and I’ve even increased the number of sessions. As such, I’ve got a lot more energy and I’m far more focused in everything I do. I cannot recommend Andrea enough; she is amazing and a true professional.” Jeremy Ramsden – Commercial Partner – Sutton United FC



Standard package price £360

Special offer £300

Saving of £60


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